Broad challenges

2018 - 2019 Projects

Unawareness of Water Reality Disparity,

by Talia and Yael

Keshet High School, Jerusalem

Scan the QR codes on the poster to join their Instagram campaign about water disparity. 


This project won 2nd prize at the finals of the Israeli national competition for the Stockholm Water Prize on May 14, 2019 at Tel Aviv University. Congratulations to the winners Talia Kainan and Yael Goldenberg, who study Diplomacy and International Communication in English at Keshet High School (Jerusalem city-wide major).

Waste Water in Our School

by Rivka, Lior, Itay, and Noa

Rabin Branco Weiss, Mazkeret Batya


by Paz F., Ido, Tair, and Paz G.

Yachad High School, Modi'in

Home Waste Water

by Shay, Lee, Idan, and Shahar

Yachad High School, Modi'in

Rainwater Collection in Schools  

by Joel, Segev, and Nitzan

Oded High School, Kadima-Tzoran

Lack of Magnesium in Desalinated Water 

by Ella, Reut, Alex, and Mihal

HaYovel High School, Herzlyia

Utilization of Rain Water

by Noa, Tamar, Chen, and Alma

HaYovel High School, Herzlyia

Water Pollution 

by Eyal, Michelle, Moria, and Adar

Makif Vav High School, Be'er Sheva

Poor Infrastructure for Rainy Season in Our Country 

by Sima, Shaked, Hila, and Meytar

Darca Begin High School, Gedera

Deterioration of Sea Turtle Environment in Israel

by Shir, Arbel, and Noa

Darca Begin High School, Gedera