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Save the Dead Sea

Mia Gaon, Adi Vaisblay, Gil Eilat, Maayan Morris

School / EcoPeace Project:

Yachad Modiin

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The Dead Sea

Our performance task is under the topic of the Dead Sea, which means it's a topic we're familiar with on a basic level. As children in Israel, we learn about the Dead Sea and as we grow up we learn about its worsening condition. However, information changes as new scientific discoveries are made and more and more fake information is able to spread over the news very quickly due to technological advances, leading to a generation of misinformed people. Studying deeply about The Dead Sea and reading about what's a myth and what is real, about the real dangers of it dying out - natural and economical dangers - allows us to seperate real information from the false information we may have believed before, and think of solutions for the situation in a more effective way.

Save the Dead Sea

*The views and opinions presented in the student solutions are those of the students and do not necessarily represent the official policy or position of EcoPeace Middle East

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