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High School
Diplomacy Major

Get Your Project Started

GEt your project started ! 

Follow the steps below to succeed on your Performance Based-Task


FInd a water problem

PRACTICAL it exists in the real world AUTHENTIC it exists in the world familiar to you FOCUSED it is not too broad GROUNDED in time, space and interest SOLVABLE it is within your knowledge and ability to suggest a solution CONNECTED TO THE CURRICULUM it relates to Unit 5 Water Diplomacy ETHICAL  it does not create moral, emotional or ethical issues


Write a literature review

DESCRIBE the problem and ANALYZE the consequences of the problem ASSESS the solutions already found by other organizations SELECT a minimum of three current, reliable and relevant sources SUMMARIZE the sources following the guidelines for summarizing INCLUDE conflict theory from the Conflict curriculum EXPLAIN the contribution of the sources to your understanding WRITE the review with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion COMPLETE the DEPP Chart (Describe/Explain/Predict/Prescribe)


Carry out your own research

DELVE deeper into the problem using more personal     methods of research IDENTIFY, CONTACT AND MEET with stakeholders PLAN the conduct of the active exploration  CHOOSE the types of active exploration  

ANALYZE the results DRAW conclusions WRITE UP an explanation of the process, the methods, and the results


Find a solution

SYNTHESIZE your knowledge from the theoretical research and active exploration USE the Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Tools EXPLAIN AND PRESENT at least two possible solutions  SELECT the preferred solution to address the conflict  WRITE IT UP as an argument (SEET) to support your choice  


Implement your solution

MAKE it happen !  IMPLEMENT your project  DOCUMENT your solution WRITE a description of the solution and the implementation DISCUSS the Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Tools used



FINALIZE your Performance-Based Task

INCLUDE an individual reflection on the PBT

SUBMIT the written Perfomance-Based Task in the correct format

PRESENT orally your project to your class

Learn More

Download the High-SCHOOL Student Guidelines for more details

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