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  1. Engage with like-minded people from the region - Unique experience 

  2. Lead environmental initiatives and projects 

  3. Grow community leadership 

  4. Deepen insight to national and regional environmental issues


  1. Engage & prepare youth (ages 15 - 18) from Jordan, Palestine, Israel to become agents of change.

  2. Build strong knowledge about national & regional environmental issues with a focus on water. 

  3. Engage youth effectively for sustained meaningful impact. 

  4. Encourage youth to become interested in understanding environmental challenges, through a variety of educational content to facilitate their involvement in tackling these challenges in their communities while building their leadership skills.

Educational Content

Youth emerge with content knowledge across the following areas: 

  1. Sustainable & Regenerative Agriculture 

  2. Alternative Energy 

  3. Climate Change as a threat multiplier

  4. Water Conservation 

  5. Waste Management and Recycling 

  6. Non-violent Communication


  • Train Youth about the importance of regional environmental cooperation 

  • Develop a group of regional youth willing to work together on environmental issues - Bonding for regional cooperation. 

  • At least 10 youth projects in each country - based on available budget and resources. It can be as simple as a clean-up campaign and as complex as planting community/school gardens. 

  • 5 Guest lectures -  1. Little Sun, 2. Berghoff Foundation, 3. Blue Peace, 4. Kiss the ground, 5. ISWA. 

  • Youth design/develop a regional project during the camp.